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I created Charlotte Horse Junkies (CHJ) website after looking on Charlotte Area Equestrians’ Facebook page for a few months.  I was seeing post after post of people asking about barns, saddle fitter, farrier, etc.  A quick search on the internet confirmed my thought that Charlotte and it’s surrounding area, needed

a one-stop website to help with its most common horse questions.

Hope you enjoy this site... as it was made just for you  :)

When I moved from Long Island to Charlotte seven years ago, I did a lot of internet searching and driving around to find an appropriate barn for my horse. How I wish that there had been a website that listed the barns in my area. My extensive search located over 50 barns in the Charlotte area geared to various riding disciplines. I hope that CHJ makes it unnecessary for you to tediously search for barns – in order to make sure that all Charlotte area barns are included on the site, please send me the info for any that I have not listed.  I also plotted all the barns (that I had an addresses for) on a map. That way, you can see quickly which barns are in your area. 

Send me your listing so everyone can find you. Or if you know of someone that provided a great service to you, don’t keep it a secret... send over the info, so others can use them too.

If your barns allows outside folks to school, whether it be in a ring, XC or trails... let us all know. Many of us like to venture out and just don’t know what’s in our own backyard, so to speak.  Also, if you know of some great trails, please don’t keep that to yourself, share the love.

Clubs and organizations are a great way to connect people with the same interests or to explore something totally out of your comfort zone.  I only have a few listed and I’m sure there are many more out there. Send over your clubs info and I will get the word out.

Well the calendar is.. just that... a calendar of events. People can’t come if they don’t know about your event.  Email me your events info, so we can join in on the fun.

My contact info and advertising rates.  Get the business before anyone else!! Ads will go on the right side of each page at a fee of $20/month.  Just tell me what page you want it on... and that’s where it’ll go.

I apologize in advance if any info is incorrect. Please shoot me an email and I will correct it ASAP.

If for some reason you must have your barn, service, club, etc, taken off CHJ, please let me know.

I am not responsible for the quality of the services listed, but simply listing the services available.